Digital Storytelling

Basic digital Storytelling - A great starting point

How to create simple digital stories A resource page by Helen Barrett Ph.d
Narrate a Powerpoint presentation and Digital Storytelling: Animated Powerpoint Tutorial
Easy digital stories with Animoto
Create a simple photo story with Photostory 3
Use Voicethread to create some easy digital stories, interviews and much more.

Making meaning with images/ Visual Literacy
Teaching Inference with images (recommended by Jane)

AIS Resources

See the copyright friendly resources link on this page which includes images, audio and more
AIS Cyber Awareness links for teaching digital citizenship
Software agreements The AIS has negotiated a number of software agreements which provide independent schools with education pricing on selected products. See information on the right side of this page for further information.

Video Conversion tools

You may need to convert your video files using one of the programs below. Here is a link explaining video file formats
SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer) A free tool that does formats such as H.264 and flv and a wide array of audio codecs.
Prism Video Convertor
Any Video Convertor
Any DVD Convertor (This is the program we used to convert problem .Mov files to .mpeg or other format)
Wondershare (recommended by Amelia)

Image Batch Conversion tools
Irfanview (freeware)
Adobe Photoshop (Automate > Batch)

Sample Video Links

"Star" with Madonna and Clive Owens (BMW Ad)
Hostage 007 (BMW Ad)
Pleasantville trailer
The Piano
Terminator 2
Scary Mary Poppins
"Mankind Is No Island" Tropfest NY 2008 winner by Jason van Genderen
Marry Me Tropfest Australia 2008 winner
Teenage Affluenza (40 hour famine ad)


Telstra Bigpond "Rabbits"
Peugot 206 commercial India
Cadbury "Gorilla"
Cadbury "Eyebrows"

Animated short films

Reach computer animation. Tim Burton's animated feature film 'Nine' uses a similar concept in the opening sequence.
Here are our notes about teaching with this resource on a google doc
Max and Mary and Harvie Crumpet by Adam Elliot
Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park

Music Video effects examples
Pamplemousse Video Clips

Animation Software

Monkey Jam free open source animation software
Stop Motion Pro available as a trial or purchase version. Lots of educational links, tutorials and examples also.

Transmedia Digital Storytelling

Inanimate Alice
Have a look at IFTTT (If This Then That) website for some interesting Transmedia Storytelling possibilities.

Storyboarding Links

There are plenty of good example storyboards on the web such as this this and this
Storyboard information from Ohio State University Advanced Computing Centre for Art and Design - Digital Animation Program for Young Women
Non-linear Multimedia Storytelling (such as making a website) - Start to finish Storyboard Page from Knight Digital Media Center
Storyboarding examples from Roller Marcheand on this same site watch how storyboards come to life

Chroma Key/Green Screen Links

Final Cut Pro X Green screen tutorial
Sony Video Vegas Chroma key tutorial
Green screen tutorial Adobe Premiere Elements 11
Green screen tutotrial for Pinnacle 16
Joel Budd's Class Website - Chroma Key Teaching Resources
Stargate studios Showreel shows examples of commercial green screen use.

Assessment for Digital Storytelling

Think about what you are assessing. how long will your finished movie be?
Here are some tools that may help you create the perfect rubric for assessment
Rubristar create your own assessment rubrics or use or modify those of other educators.
Book Trailers - Assessment Rubric has some good assessment criteria for digital storytelling.

Other Useful Links

Xtranormal Make your own mimi movies with pre-made characters, music, gestures and more.
Roller Mache Rollermache is a digital initiative aimed especially towards kids aged 8-15 focused towards showing children in city areas how to make their own content. The site provides a safe space to showcase creations it is free. All content that appears on the site has been watched and approved by an ABC moderator before it appears on the site. The site can also be used in schools to promote digital literacy, media production and safe interaction.
Animoto is an online movie making website. make short movies for free or pay for a subscription to make longer ones.
PhotoStory is free software for PC for making simple movies from still images. Download here

Software Downloads - Best free video editing software: 9 top programs you should download
Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus Trial version
Apple Final Cut Pro X Studio 30 day trial
SONY Vegas Video Pro 11 trial
Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Trial Version


Look for tutorials on using different video editing software on You tube or on Atomic Learning (some free tutorials, others by subscription)

Other Resources

Colin Schumacher Author of "Making Meaning Onscreen" has lots of links on his news page to resources.
Teaching the Screen by Michael Anderson & Miranda Jefferson
Bristol Stories website
Storytelling resources from Roller Marche
Visions of Light, the art of cinematography(1993) documentary can be acquired through Amazon

Animation Resources

The other things I said I would add are on this page here
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