At last week's course I said I would find or make available:

iPad Reflection

The way I connected my iPad to my computer wirelessly so I could put it on the data projector was with a program called Reflection.
Install reflection on your computer You can run it for free each time for 10 minutes as a trial.
Open reflection on your PC
In the little notifications area near the time and volume is reflections r1.jpg

R Click and do as shown here r2.jpg

Now, on iPad,

Double click home button and slide all way to the left and choose as shown here r3.jpg

You can now use any screen recorder to capture the screen now – like the one here.


Some photoshop how to things (remember open the Movies folder and open "index.htm")
Click this link here to take you to where you should be able to download the files from - I had to nominate yur email address but this may need to be a google (gmail) address instead. Give it a try and if it fails, let me know your gmail address and I'll add that for a Take 2


How to make a powerpoint "movie" (series of slides that progress by themselves)


PhotoStory is downloaded from here.
It is too simple to bother with a tutorial
Here are the 2 examples of PhotoStory that I showed on the day. (If you want to watch them full screen, do so from here and here)

Adding Text to an Image

We talked about using PowerPoint to add text to an image and save it as a jpg
Simply create a slide(s), add pictures and text, File > Save As > NOT ppt but jpeg save slides as jpg.jpg

Online Bookmarking

I use Delicious. Others use Diigo
My bookmarks are at

Screen Recording

All about Screen Recording can be read here
My Jing (screen recording) Screencasts are here

Firefox Download helper

Read at this link about this tool and downloading it.

Crane Video

Here is the video of the city (full screen here)

here is the clouds video.(full screen here)

How I put it together is here (full screen here)