Forums, Listservs, Nings and other ways to stay in touch with teacher communities

This page is a collection of list servs, forums, nings and other places where you can build your personal learning networks and stay in touch with others in your subject or area of interest.

See also Nings section of Web 2.0 Links page on this wiki.

Most popular with educators are Twitter, Maang (for DEC schools particularly) and Google+

Australia-wide Education Forums

Oz-Teachers Email Lists oz-Teachernet hosts a number of email lists for educators. While some of these lists are very active on a daily basis, others are used specifically for projects and their use is more sporadic. The first oz-Teachernet list started in 1995 and was called oz-teachers. This list is a great resource for teachers sharing thoughts on all aspects of teaching and a forum in which to ask advice of other teachers. A lot of content pertains to current technologies and how they impact on teaching.
Edulists a Victorian initiative that provides mailing lists for many subject areas

Cross Collaboration

Teachers Connecting A place for K-12 teachers to find other teachers for cross-classroom collaboration worldwide.


Primary Teachers Network Ning is a free, non-commercial entity aiming to bring together primary teachers worldwide to access great content (focus on free web-based, interactive/ IWB content) and talent... to share, learn and socialise.


Drama Network This group is an open discussion to express ideas and indicate teaching methods that my help in the teaching of Drama 7-12 in N.S.W.


AIS NSW IT Integrators' listserv. This group is for teachers involved in ICT integration in NSW independent schools. This is a closed list and can be joined by sending an email to
MITIE (Managers of Information Technology in Education) Home Page & Forum The MITIE group is an association of IT managers, technicians and support staff who work in Education. Largely from member schools of the AIS NSW but includes many from interstate also. To join the forum click register at the the top of the page or login there if your are already registered.
AIS NSW Primary School ICT Integrators forum now hosted at

Teacher Librarian Specific

JSHAA Teacher Librarians An informal discussion group for members of the JSHAA Teacher-Librarians Umbrella Group based in NSW.

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