Critiquing Booktrailers

Activity 1

Consider these examples. What aspects do you consider important in a good booktrailer for adults and also your students? Should the criteria for adults and children the same?
Jot your answers into the document found here.

14 Cows for America, by Carmen Agra Deedy from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Student Made example - the Nutcracker Men

external image 2cfbjwn.jpg

I Love You Stinky Face - Early Stage 1 example

Other Examples

Student Made Booktrailers from the Booktrailers for Readers Website
Teacher made examples for early stage 1 made with Photostory from Dr Geary's Early Stage 1 Booktrailer Site

Book Trailer Websites

Booktrailers for all
Scotch College Victoria have a booktrailer of the week on their Library Home Page
compiled by Susan Glasson

Activity 2

Consider the criteria you said made a good trailer. With a partner use a rubric to critique one or two of the videos above. Use one of the assessing booktrailers rubric links below.

Assessing Booktrailers

Booktrailer assessment rubric from Reading Active Engaging Wiki by Rhonnda/Libcat9
Booktrailer rubric by Jeri Hurd
Book trailer assessment rubric by Mrs Emerick/LC Library
Rubristar create your own assessment rubrics or use or modify those of other educators.

Making a Booktrailer

Activity 3

Make a 'text only' booktrailer about the classic fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood' with the following constraints:
1. must contain maximum 6 scenes
2. Only one image
3. appropriate music to build suspense.
Once you have your image, open either Firefox or Chrome and go here to upload it so all can view it (you can't edit Google Drive Presentations in Internet Explorer)

Tips before you begin

  1. Consider visual literacy elements to build meaning on screen. (Many resources available at the AIS Visual literacy website).
  2. Consider Creative Commons (CC) images/music or other content. Such as Flickr Creative Commons.
  3. Choose a Movie making or Video-Editing Programs/Tools. You might even choose something online like

Essential Booktrailer Criteria

Steps involved in creating a booktrailer

1. Identify your story
2. Identfy the key ideas you are going to represent in the book trialer
3. Script/storyboard
3. Film and or source video and or images and collect in a project folder
4. Source music
5. Assemble your book trailer :
  • Video editing software that comes with your operating system such as Windows Movie or Maker iMovie
  • Download some free software from the web such as Photostory
  • Use an online video making service such as Animoto
  • Use video software made available at your school such as Adobe Premiere elements 8.0
  • Use something already at hand such as PowerPoint. Did you know you can set up a Powerpoint presentation to automatically play with voice narration or sound track?

6. Publish and share your booktrailer with your school audience or even the world. Consider using
  • Your school intranet
  • and online video publishing service such as Teachertube, YouTube or Vimeo
  • A blog
  • A wiki


Angelic visions an example storyboard
Storyboard information from Ohio State University Advanced Computing Centre for Art and Design - Digital Animation Program for Young Women
PLANE example

Video or Movie Making

Narrate a Powerpoint presentation

Create a video with Animoto
Create a simple photo story with Photostory 3
Use Voicethread to create some easy digital stories, interviews and much more.
Web Video For Dummies - Tutorials

Chroma Key/Green Screen Links

Search Youtube and teachertube for green screen or chroma key tutorials like this Final Cut Pro Green screen tutorial

Video Conversion tools

You may need to convert your video files using one of the programs below. Here is a link explaining video file formats
SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer) A free tool that does formats such as H.264 and flv and a wide array of audio codecs.
Prism Video Convertor
Any Video Convertor
2conv video covertor (online service)

VLC Media Player

Use the new version of this to take snapshots from videos to use as fair use. You need to download the new version from here and then follow the instructions from the PowerPoint found in this folder (unzip it then run the powerpoint)

iPad Creation tools

You could use any of the following apps to create a book trailer using an ipad
Explain Everything

Useful Booktrailer Reference Links
How to create simple digital stories A resource page by Helen Barrett Ph.d

Copyright Issues

Creative Commons Images

Creative Commons Music

Google the term, but I use these two:

Creative Commons Sound Effects Login as metaljar Password abc123 for the rest of the week

AIS Resources

  1. See the copyright friendly resources link on this page which includes images, audio and more
  2. AIS Cyber Awareness links for teaching digital citizenship
  3. AIS Visual literacy website
  4. The AIS has negotiated a number of software agreements which provide independent schools with education pricing on selected products. See the AIS website or this page for further information.
  5. John mentioned using duckduckgo with younger students to search
  6. This is a resource for what you can do in Google Earth